Top Secrets Revealed: What Is Viral Marketing & How It Works

Marketing is all about reaching maximum number of target people for them to react and engage. Viral marketing goes a step further by creating possibilities of exponential growth concerning the reach, visibility and effect of the message. The aim is to generate increasing interest in the message making it spread like uncontrollable wildfire. People that receive it voluntarily share the content mostly through their personal social accounts.

The very nature of sharing and spreading makes social media networks are the primary tool for marketing viral material. Think of the amazing YouTube videos that people share on Facebook and other channels.

The aim of viral marketing may vary. A brand may want to promote its product through an advertisement made viral. Here the brand is looking towards enhanced awareness about the product and subsequently more sales and higher ROI.

There are also websites that make viral their content so that more and more people visit the site. The primary target is to get more businesses post ads at the website that becomes a high revenue generator.

Getting a viral campaign underway

Though most viral campaigns are planned and launched, there are some user created content that catches on the fancy of users and get viral across demography and boundaries.

If you are planning a viral marketing campaign, one of the most popular ways is to create a visual with the right mix of text and launch it across the internet through popular social media channels. What you need to keep in mind is the content creation as that is what is responsible for making a picture, a video or even a blog viral.

Coming to videos meant for viral marketing, you can have an overt or covert way of advertising.

  • In the overt advertising mode, from the very first moment onwards, the user is aware that she/he is viewing advertisement material.
  • The covert mode takes the viewer through several seconds or even minutes of visual without revealing the role of the brand in it anywhere. The brand participation is highlighted only right at the end when the user where the user appreciates the association. A lot of sensitive social issues are being highlighted by brands making products closely associated with them. The very presentation of the content helps make the content viral almost instantly.

While using the covert viral campaign mode it is extremely important not to let users feel let down with the video pushing a product. In such cases, the entire strategy is sure to backfire with no sharing and high bounce rates. The other thing to take care of is oversharing to the extent of becoming spammers. The right strategy is to identify the ideal channel, time and place for the viral to trigger off.

Advantages of viral marketing

  • Builds brand almost immediately: If your viral marketing efforts pay off, with massive viral shares, it will take your brand to the entire spectrum of audience building brand awareness overnight.
  • Greater outreach: The internet and social media are best to take your marketing efforts across larger areas and target big population.
  • Low-cost advertisement: The cost of developing a visual or text content and launching it across channels is limited as against huge digital and print marketing costs.
  • Direct engagement: It is a non-invasive advertisement that comes from users themselves with spontaneous sharing. The interaction and engagement with the site or brand then become more significant.

There’s a lot that you can attain with viral marketing by targeting right users’ psychology and timely launch. Go viral with your brand earning higher revenues.

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