Top 7 Tricks That Skyrocket Sales & Drive More Profits

Sales conversion takes place when a visitor or a potential buyer makes a purchase, be it at a product site or at an e-commerce portal.

But, there is much more happening behind the scene when it comes to driving sales in a retail online store or an e-commerce portal. There are several factors and a number of strategies that are responsible for any online shop to flourish with high sales rate.

What lies behind the scene?

Carefully analysis of customer psychology, consumer behavior and trending styles all have to be considered apart from the right digital methods. In short, driving sales across digital channels and platforms requires laser-sharp strategies that are a combination of marketing techniques and technical skills.


Here are the top 7 ways that will help you drive your online sales taking your profit margins to greater heights.

  1. Sell influences: Start working towards building influences that takes both time and effort. Influencing your target customers will come through easily once you build authority over your target customers. This calls for superior content creation that is carefully promoted across channels and verticals where the target groups are to be found.
  1. Sell yourself: Unless your business is an enterprise or conglomerate that people already reckon with, you’ll have to sell yourself as a professional before you can sell your product. Give a peek preview into the working of your manufacturing unit, show features that are unique to your operations or highlight your unique experience.
  1. Sell your expertise: Sell your personal skills, credibility and trustworthiness and not just a lifeless product! Customers are looking for a reliable brand that won’t disappear after selling a product but answer questions, clear doubts and also take in criticism. Together these mark the brand’s credibility that plays a big role in increasing sales.
  1. Sell what people want: People buy a product to fulfill their needs. Sell benefits that they are looking for in a product. People all around are ridden with problems and they are continually looking for solutions. Identify their needs and give them a tray-load of benefits and see traffic and sales skyrocket fast!
  1. Sell results: Market the final picture to your customer groups helping them identify themselves with it. Present-day consumers know what they want from a product and expect an end-result that fulfills their needs. Marketing your product should make the target user feel that they will attain the desired end.
  1. Sell high-value content: Stop selling products, push through high-value content. When you’re talking about benefits and painting the final picture to your potential customers, you’re in reality marketing high-value content. The product comes into the picture only through these measurable variables that people have already bought.
  1. Sell something more: Promise to give more to your buyers than just the product. Most people are looking for the added value and advantage that they gain over other products when choosing from among different options available in the market. To make your sales climb the charts, go upfront with the extras like support, online communication, returns & refunds and the like.


You need not be an outright extrovert partying and socializing with people all around and persuading them to buy your product. Introverts too can be instrumental in driving high sales so long as they know how to use human cognition to their advantage. Taking cues from cognitive science and picking up social signals are the best ways to plan your product marketing and sales policies.

Sell the end-results of a product instead of selling the product.

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