Everything You Wanted To Know About The Big Google Update Florida 2

Google has just confirmed having updated its algorithm on 12th March 2019. Danny Sullivan of Google called it another of its Broad Core Updates that is supposed to be big and important.
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This comes about six months after the Neural Matching Algorithm. This time around, Google has named its algorithm update Florida 2.

Why the name Florida 2?

If you are piqued about the name, here’s the history to it: Google’ important algorithm change back in the early 2000s coincided with the Pubcon Florida SEO conference being held in Florida. This had promoted the naming Florida Update. Brett Tabke, founder of WebmasterWorld and Pubcon is known to maintain the tradition of giving Google updates its names. This time too, the update release is said to coincide with the same conference prompting Tabke to term it as Florida 2.
Florida 2 update

Importance of Florida 2 update

Florida 2 is set to be one of the biggest updates that Google has announced in years. Top analysts feel that since this change follows the Neural Matching update, much of it will be linked to this predecessor. In fact, each time Google has announced an update, it had something to do with site ranking mechanism. This time around, it’s going to be no different. It is tipped to be a Broad Core update by Google with far reaching impact on overall site ranking.

What’s a Broad Core Update?

The very ethos of the Broad Core update (BCU) it that it does not target any website, niche or quality. In simple terms, it does not target anything specific. This makes a BCU different from updates like Google Penguin or Google Panda. John Muller of Google has been persistent in maintaining that Broad Core Updates do not target any specific niche.

The best way to understand it that Google is not going to target low quality pages or specific niches. The focus will be more on page content relevance to the search queries. It is all about how accurately Google interprets search queries and matches them to webpages for better user experience. This, in turn, will affect page ranking (page links continue to remain an important factor). Florida 2’s and its immediate predecessor Neural Matching then become related to each other as Broad Core Updates.

What to do for the Florida 2 update?

Sullivan in his guidance to Neural Matching on March 12th, 2018 said:
Google Update Florida 2

Content is King is truer than ever. Search queries that match overall content is the key to rank your site on Google.

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